Have you completed an industrial engineering study of both site accessibility and design capacity?


    Have you completed an industrial engineering study of both site accessibility and design capacity?


    Have you completed an industrial engineering study of both site accessibility and design capacity?


Our mission is to provide one-stop master planning, operations and management solutions to themed entertainment projects. We are committed to unforgettable high-quality guest experience and business sustainability. Our vision is to become the most recognized and trusted brand in Asia for themed entertainment services.

Who do we work with?
Who are we?

The International Team consists of experienced experts from world-class venues like Disney, Universal, Resorts World Sentosa and others, who are familiar with the Asian markets.

Thought leadership

We believe that there is not one single best equation or solution for developing a "best" themed entertainment project. Given different consumer segments and market situations, different cultures and natural environments, different sources of investment and types of accessibility to supplementary resources, THE BEST solution comes in all different shapes and forms. However, there is only one key success factor that determines project excellence, and that is PEOPLE. The ones that design, plan and execute the vision. Our international team see educating the next generation in the industry as one of our most important responsibilities. Whether that means helping to develop people with our partners, or to raise the passion of people in our industry through our personal engagement, we are here for their future and yours.

A member of IAAPA

Founded in 1918, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is the world's largest amusement industry trade association; The organization represents more than 5,300 facilities, suppliers, and individual members from more than 100 countries, including professionals from amusement parks, theme parks, family entertainment centers, museums, water parks, zoos and industry manufacturers.

A member of TEA

Founded in 1991, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is an international non-profit association representing the world's leading creators, developers, designers and producers in themed entertainment. It encompasses 1,300 members from amusement parks, water parks, museums, zoos, casinos, retailers and resorts.

What we do?

We tailor-make solutions based on each project's unique challenges and goals.

  • Operations Planning & Management
  • Creative Design & Development
  • Shows & Entertainment
  • Operational Design Standards
  • Operations Standards & Quality
  • IT Services and Solutions
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Training & Management

Preliminary commercial and operational planning is a critical stage for developers of a new project. Market analysis, target group positioning and financial calculation are the main elements that determine product positioning, project scale and target investment. We are all able to provide you with unique insights in an integrated approach and strategy. For projects that have already been formed, we can help you improve your operations and differentiate you from today's highly competitive environment.

  • › Planning Stage

    › Feasibility Study
    › Market Research, Product Analysis and Target Audience Analysis
    › Business Model
  • › Development Stage

    › Product Positioning
    › Market-driven Key Indicator Identification
    › Financial Estimates › Product Development
  • › Operating Phase

    › Operational Preparation Project Landing and Management
    › Business Analysis and Improvement Program Delivery and Execution
  • › Research and Analysis Report

  • › Financial Measurement Key Indicators Report

  • › Operations Management

From master planning to design development, we ensure strict quality control and budget analysis to support the optimum enhancement of safety and innovation.

  • › Master Planning

  • › Creative Planning

  • › Concept Design

  • › Schematic Design

  • › Construction Drawings

  • › Onsite Management

  • › Quality Control

  • › Budget Management & Project Planning

We create highly innovative shows and entertainment that honors each project’s uniqueness and also provide systematic management of show operations to maintain creative integrity and ensure high-quality, safe performances.

  • › Producing

    › Entertainment Business Planning
    › Show Concept & Design
    › Production Management
  • › Show Operations

    › Show Operations
    › Theatre Operations
    › Equipment Rental
    › Performer Management
  • › Consultation & Training

    › Theatre Operations Design Standards
    › Show Creative and Technical Standards
    › Technical Consultation
    › Technical Training

We provide international operational design standards to create a basis for comprehensive review for new projects. We also conduct scientific calculation for facility equipment, give operational input for design companies and contractors, provide guidelines and instructions on mechanical equipment testing and adjustment as well as establish operator training and accident handling procedures.

  • › Operations Design Standard

    › Amusement Ride
    › Food and Beverage
    › Tourist Service Facilities
  • › Scientific Calculation and Planning

    › Front of House Facilities
    › Staff Facilities
  • › Design Review

    › Design Advice
    › Review Checklist
  • › Amusement Ride Operation Preparation

    › Testing and Adjustment
    › Operator Training
    › Incident Handling

We establish practical operations standard and documentation system in order to enhance operations safety, efficiency and service quality through conducting training and operations audit.

  • › Operations Standard

    › Operations Standards Set Up
    › Documentation Structure and Content Enhancement
  • › Operations QC

    › Audit System
    › Corrective Action Recommendations
  • › Training

    › Theme Park Service Enhancement
    › Operations Safety Management

We apply IT solutions to build system development and project management. We also provide data analysis that adds value to the business as well as enhancing operations.

  • › IT Planning

    › Tailor-made IT Blueprint & Implementation Roadmap
    › Applications and Infrastructure Technology Standards
  • › System Development

    › Business Analysis & Improvement
    › Park Solutions Selection Guidance
    › Project Management
    › Solutions Delivery
  • › System Operations & Big Data Analysis

    › IT Operations and Sustainment Services
    › Explore Big Data to Discover Opportunities

We develop full set of unique marketing plans which include identifying the right target audience and product positioning for individual project. At the same time, we maximize revenue through pricing and revenue analysis as well as effective sales strategy and execution plan.

  •  Positioning

    ›  Based on the regional characteristics and market demand, determine the market positioning and sales target focus.
  •  Customers

    ›  Identify target customers according to the business module, and analyze their characteristics, spending behaviors etc.
  •  Pricing

    ›  Using professional formula to research and work out pricing strategy, to match the expectation of customers at the same time meeting the business targets.
  •  Channels

    ›  Develop marketing strategies to ensure right and precise channels are selected for sales and marketing activities.

We have integrated our accumulated management experience, balancing theories and practical experience, into a knowledge database. Using this valuable asset, we provide training on industry practices, operations and management through various platforms.

  •  Unveiling the common mistakes in theme park operations

  •  Story is KING

  •  Big Names = 100% tickets sold? How to avoid unnecessary shows production cost?

What have we done?

Our team designs and develops world-class attractions that deliver on unique and memorable visitors' experiences.

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