APES' IP "Legend of Kun" participated in Shenzhen IP Expo, showing the unique charm of original cultural tourism IP

Release time:2020-08-27

On 20 August, the Fifth Award Ceremony for "Jade Monkey Award" sponsored by the Organizing Committee of China IP Industry Annual Meeting- China IP Industry Thousand People Summit 2020 & The Eighth Shenzhen International IP Licensing Industry Expo (abbreviated as Shenzhen IP Expo) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center ceremoniously. The original IP "Legend of Kun" of Golden Bay International Resort won the "Jade Monkey Award”, the award of top 10 "Cultural and Tourist Mascot with the Most Commercial Value" in 2020.




The Jade Monkey Award, as the first award with market value as its evaluation criteria in IP industry of China, aims to tap the potential of Chinese original IP and evaluate the value of Chinese original IP. After four years of accumulation, it is widely recognized and praised by the industry, and is honored as "Chinese original IP Oscar"! Through three rounds of fierce competition of the network voting, expert review, network attention retrieval, the fifth "Jade Monkey Award" got the final award list this year. "Legend of Kun" stood out among more than 1,000 IPs in participated enterprises, cultural creations and destinations, and won "Jade Monkey Award" before the start-up of project.




"Legend of Kun" is the original IP of APES, created for Golden Bay Resort. It gets the inspiration from Chinese legend story "Mountains and Seas", takes tourists, ecological protection and cultural heritage as its mission, and tells us the story with the relationship between man and nature as its core. In content creation, "Legend of Kun" re-innovates based on traditional fairy tales and infuses new vitality into traditional culture. In the role design, "Legend of Kun" adds the design elements with Chinese characteristics into the design standards and principles of world-renowned IP, so that it can meet the diversified aesthetic requirements among different age groups. At present, the story line and 34 IP images of "Legend of Kun" have obtained copyright certification, and are strongly supported by Dapeng New District Government.

In May 2019, Golden Bay Resort issued "Legend of Kun" for the first time, and signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Brand Promotion" with Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Shenzhen Dapeng New District. The two sides launched in-depth cooperation on brand promotion, cultural industry incubation, original IP promotion, and the activation and utilization of intangible cultural heritage, and developed "Legend of Kun" into one of the symbols of the cultural tourism industry in Dapeng New District.



As the original cultural and tourist IP of Shenzhen, APES set up an exhibition area in Shenzhen IP Expo. The audience could get beautiful peripheral gifts through wonderful interactive content, such as interactive photos with IP images, to understand the wonderful story of Legend of Kun. At the site of exhibition, the exhibition area of "Legend of Kun" attracted many visitors, and many audiences expressed their curiosity and expectation in "Legend of Kun".



In the future, Golden Bay Resort will launch the IP through the modes of "Scenic + Recreation ", "Scenic area + Theater", "Scenic area + Performance", which will run through the scene construction, performance, theme packaging, service and peripheral products of the scenic area, creating a unique immersive experience for tourists. Golden Bay Resort will become one of the few cases in the world to connect the whole park with one kind of world outlook after starting business. In the running stage, Golden Bay Resort will further enrich and extend the connotation of "Legend of Kun". It will leverage the IP value and the experience in scenic spots endowed by IP through cultural tourism combined by the modes of cross-border cooperation, IP experience and creative marketing, in order to lay out the" big ecology "of the IP industrial chain, establish the “big pattern” of science and technology, culture and tourism, and help to promote the comprehensive strength of all-for-one tourism in Dapeng or even Shenzhen.

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